• Downpayment is 50% of the total cost
• 25% upon delivery of the first draft
• 25% upon delivery of final product
• Quote Validity Period: three (3) months
• Payment Cheques should be payable to CREATEUR SOLUTIONS INC.

• All correspondence and documents provided must be in a digital or soft copy format. Typesetting is not included.
• All texts, images and photos shall be provided and must be copyrighted to the client.
• Maximum of 2 edits on the selected study, but not limited to text.
• Additional charges on major revisions such as changing the whole template or overall look-and-feel.
• All correspondence and documents provided will be treated as confidential.
• It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors contained in the final product.
• In the event of cancellation of the project, all documents will be returned to the client except for the down payment.
• The client shall obtain ownership of the final artwork upon full payment.
• All designs will be delivered in a soft copy format.

Creation of script and story-boarding is a collaborative effort with the client. Directions and inputs are needed from the client to facilitate the development. A shot list will be created and submitted to the client. Maximum of two (2) edits or revisions only. All videos and documents provided will be treated as confidential.

Filming will commence upon approval of the “shot list”. Filming is limited within Metro Manila and for one day only. An additional cost of Php 20,000/day be charged for another day of filming. It is the clients responsibility to obtain the following if needed:
• Talent Legal Release – FOR TALENTS
• Permit to Film/Shoot – VENUE & FACILITIES
• Permission for the use of stock images and music

In-house voice talent recording will commence upon approval of the final script. Voice samples will be sent upon request. Lead-time for voice over recording is five (5) working days. Maximum of two (2) edits or revisions only. For extended recording, our talent rate fee shall be applied accordingly.

Video editing will commence upon completion of all recordings and submission of all materials. Revisions are limited to two (2) edits only. These are CHANGING the videos, text, graphics, and music within the specified runtime. For extended runtime and additional services, our editing rate is Php700-Php1000/hour.

• Commencement. The project shall commence once the down payment has been made, and all project requirements have been made available to Createur Solutions Inc., hereinafter this project agreement has been signed. The development phase of the project shall commence once a design concept has been approved by the Client.
• Delivery of Materials. The Client shall deliver to Createur Solutions Inc. All the contents the Client intends for Createur Solutions Inc.. to incorporate into the Work Product. All contents shall be in the formats specified: (1) all text shall be provided in [RTF, Word, PDF, or HTML], and (2) all graphics shall be provided in [TIFF, GIF, JPEG, or PNG format].
• Website. The website shall not include any Createur Solutions Inc. tools.
• Investment. No hardware and software investment will be made on the part of the Client.
• Services. For the Design Fee, Createur Solutions Inc. shall provide the following services in accordance with the Milestone Delivery Schedule above. Examples include: Createur Solutions Inc. will prepare design specifications for the Website, which are consistent with the specifications.
• Limitation of Liability. Should there be a legal dispute from the execution of this Agreement, Createur Solutions Inc.’s liability shall be limited to the amount it has received from the Client as payment for its services.
• Confidentiality. Createur Solutions Inc. shall hold in confidence all materials submitted by the Client. Furthermore, Createur Solutions Inc. agrees to sign a non-disclosure agreement if the Client so requires.

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